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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visit my grandma

Yesterday I got a call from my cousin she told me situation of grandma. Grandma is staying at old folk home and she is not doing well. She blinded for many years now she unable to eat. I heart break as I know you need to eat to survive. I send message to my dad and family members to inform situation of grandma. Today I visit grandma with my dad, I ask her if she eat or drink. She says nobody give her drink. The old folk home has over forty old folks and only few staff there.
I saw my aunts there and one of them keep saying look she is so thin and you can see the bones.

I fear losing of loved one, I know sometime we just need to let go. Now if they are still around we need to cherish them and be there for them, dont just talk about it action is louder than voice. I hope my dad will take my mom to see grandma after all she is my mom's mom. My dad told me my mom fainted there and rest for an hour there.

I know we are bush working but you know life can't wait. You don't want to wait until you are forty years old to have baby. It maybe okay for man but not so good for woman.

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