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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Worldwide

I am here to with Happy Mother's Day worldwide, I am happy that yesterday I visited my mom at nursing home. I redeem the prize of cupcakes and bag that I have won from a Facebook contest. I have share some of the cupcakes with my mom, my neighbors and safe the rest for my son. My mom is very happy to see me, I am happy to see her too. I present my mom a bag, even though it is not real leather she is very happy. My sis also present my mom a bag, it is like rainbow bag, because the colour of the bag. It can be shoulder bag or sling bag. Today I gone to shopping grocery at Midvalley because there is fair where you can find cheap baby wipes and diapers. I have not purchased any diapers as my baby still having them. I bought a new fan with batteries RM12, there was baby crawling contest but we were late so unable let my eleven month baby to take part. I am very happy I have got a family picture from Nestlé booth. In Jusco there is Baby photo taken if you purchased RM10 above Johnson baby products. The photographer went for lunch so we not able to take part. I was told need to wait an hour, I can wait but baby cranky he cannot wait. I need to go Jusco again but not today as my neighbor born baby boy, we need to buy him a baby hamper. They bought a hamper for my baby last time.

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