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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Mickey Mouse

Last Saturday we nearly not going to Midvalley due to the jam, it is also difficult to find parking there. My dear decided to go ahead as he wants to check out PC EXPO. He told me many people standing in PC EXPO, they just standing infront the counter and not buying. He ended up not buying anything at all, while waiting for him as he went PC EXPO we waited in the Toys R Us. I managed grab some toys for my son, look down to see the pictures.

We didn't get to snap picture with Mickey Mouse because of the crowd, well see the pictures if you spot yourself. :D
We managed grab a Mickey Mouse train set for my son. It is the same with the one I purchased for him but this time it has extra. :D

I bought the above cars for my son, he loves them all. At Toys R US they having the offer of buy 3 free 1. Each car cost RM6.50, look what I have grabbed for him. This offers is until 25 June, 2012.
If you spend RM150 you get Toy Voucher worth RM20, if you spend RM250 you get Toy Voucer worth RM40. This is for exclusive for Star Card Members from now til 4 June, 2012.

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