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Friday, May 25, 2012

Shopping for baby shoes

Not long ago I went to Sunway Pyramid to shop for baby gifts, I purchased two sets of baby gifts since they are two friends that are new parents. I found this lovely baby shoes for my baby boy, he is going to be one year old next month. He needs shoes to walkabout, now he is not allow to wear any shoes don't ask me why.

I bought the above shoes Pigeon brand from Parkson, it is only RM10 the cheapest and I like the quality of this shoes! It is the last fair for this designed of baby shoes. I kept the socks and baby shoes' of my eldest boy for my baby it seems it is small for my baby. I tried looking in Jusco store but the baby gifts not within my budget.

Now with Internet access we can shop online for baby shoes but I am not sure if the size fit him. I haven't tried any online shopping for baby shoes.

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