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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Selling a Rolex to a New Crowd

In the event you really go online plus forum, you will see that plenty of rolex submariner for sale can be found. This can be great, because not every Rolex brand watch should go available for sale. Anything you assist you to invest your hard earned money smartly while still spending less quietly can be a plus for sure. When trying to sell watches for the first time, there's a great deal of thought necessary to seal the sale and get the resale value back full. So long as your Rolex watch is in excellent (basically no broken parts or mechanics), it will be capable of sell in hardly any time. Individuals who want Amazon rolex are nearly always placed on a waiting set of some kind. This will make the resale value quite high because those need not wait the sometimes required Five to ten many years of being on a waiting list. Whether or not the Rolex watch continues to be on your wrist for a great deal of energy, it still hasn't lost any value.

Amazon rolex, over the years, always aquire value and as long as they're not damaged they're still extremely valuable. Remember that all Rolex watches specifically are in quite high demand as a result of how fashionable and delightful they are. It doesn't matter what you are wearing or what sort of day it is, wearing a black Rolex watch is usually classy and respectable. Once you try to sell your Rolex, ensure that you have the papers in order. You want your clients to realize that you will be genuine understanding that your Rolex piece is legitimate.

This is very important, easing the consumers anxiety. Buying power is high, however with scammers all over the market people want to make sure that they're spending their money for the true value. Rolex watches are very elite and cost enough money for a good purpose. The product quality and who's takes to craft an attractive Rolex piece is unmatchable in the watch industry. Find the original documents from when you first aquired your Rolex piece and be sure to have copies of them readily available for customers. It assists to to experience a signature from a Rolex official proclaiming that your exact watch is legitimate. Even though it might be a bit hard to have the signature, it's worth every penny in the long run as it will steadily increase the quantity of interested consumers. Try finding a Rolex dealer's website or some sort of trading forum to have proper sources for finding a brand new or used Rolex. If you want items to go really fast, just be sure that you have all of the papes in order. Getting the wrong papers, or maybe they may be uncertified can completley ruin a deal and really should be prevented at all costs.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Warung@Midvalley

I think next month we maybe going to Midvalley again, there is baby fair at end of the month if not mistaken. I don't know if you been to the Warung. You are looking at mee goreng, my son's favourite meal. :D
This is nasi lemak rendang ayam which my sister-in-law likes to eat.
My favourite Milo dinosaur. :D
We enjoy our lunch there, we hope to go there again and try other meal on menu. :D

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun ride@One Utama

Tell me if you still see the cute cars in One Utama?

I have not been to One Utama for two years, no kidding we seldom go there because it is hard to find parking. We don't have One card, do you?

I remembered my son enjoy his ride in the cute car. He is big boy now, he cannot fit in the car. His brother is too young to take the ride.

I found this picture in phone folder. :D

Sunday, June 24, 2012

18 screens@GSC Midvalley

Have you been to GSC Midvalley? It is my first time to watch movie there with my son. We have a day of mother and son day out during the school holiday.

We watched the movie Madagascar 3 at Hall 2. You can see many people there because they queue to collect the movie tickets. I am glad I didn't need to wait for long.

Do you know which is my favourte animal pal?

By the way, have you check My Mom's Best 1st Giveaway?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mickey Mouse guitar and Spiderman toy

I am happy that I able to grab some toys for my son. Look at his happy face, he has got new guitar player which cost RM19.90 that I purchased from Midvalley during the Mickey Mouse. The Spiderman purchased from Toys R Us using the voucher which I redeemed.

The sun glasses so pretty which I purchased for him but my intention is I wear it. LOL
We had gone to Midvalley a day trip for mommy and son because we catched the premier of Madagascar 3 at GSC Midvalley for 9pm show.

We need to catch movie at GSC cinema but I prefer Summit USJ, so long time no go there. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Vanilla Place@Empire Shopping Gallery

The Vanilla Place is located at First Floor just opposite Toys R US, you can never miss this place. I purchased the online coupon online and I need to use the coupon by July. I decided to give them at call last Thursday and booking for Friday evening. We lucky they are table available for us, they are fully booking on Weekend.

Above picture you are looking at the Spaghetti Carbonara with turkey and mushroom. It is for my son to eat and below picture is the Spaghetti Seafoo Pesto for my sister-in-law, she loves it.
I have Grand Sandwich if not mistaken the name it is the only sandwich that comes with mashed potato in the menu. It is yummy and mouth watering for me, I couldn't finished all of it and decided to share with my dear.
The carrot cake is for my baby boy, other than this he also tried my mashed potato.
Lastly we are served with a scoop of ice cream for each of us except my baby boy who is too young to eat ice cream.
This delicious looking chocolate drink is delicious my son loves it, he doesn't like ice lemon tea. LOL
My dear had this spaghetti with salmon, it seems his spaghetti is lesser portion if you see above pictures. Anyway we enjoy our dinner at The Vanilla Place. I paid carrot cake and chocolate drink which is not listed in the coupon.

What type of skin do you have?

I like to know what skin type you have, mine is combination skin.
Above left picutre shows the normal skin.
Features: It is a smooth, textured and evenly toned with tiny pores.

Above right picture shows combination skin.
Features: Medium pores, a smooth and even texture, may tend toward dryness and the cheeks while beng oily in the t-zones.
Above left picture shows dry skin.
Features: Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. You have a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking red patches.

Above right picture shows oily skin.
Features: Oily skin tends to shiny with enlarged pores, and is prone to blackheads and blemishes.

Now if you like to find out how to get Skin Formulation samples just click here.

Petting Zoo@Sunway Lagoon

Earlier this month, we head to Sunway Lagoon. My son and I have a splashing good time, we can't swim but we had rent the double tube. The petting zoo has many different animal and I saw one dead python. It is a dead big python in the display, you must go see it.

We didn't want to go Petting zoo but my son wants to see the animal. There is photography available there with the parrots. A picture would cost RM35 depend on size of it.

Do you know the name of animal above? I seen it before but no pay attention to the name.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding band

I can never forget this moment, I saw this wedding band while attending the wedding function last year November. The wedding dinner held in one of the five stars hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I remembered going with my dear and son because baby and sister-in-law stayed at home.

Do you still remember the Chinese Wedding usually having Karaoke during the wedding? Well, I don't like Karaoke I find it quite noisy and not everyone can sing good. I remembered my baby attended a wedding dinner and he cried for many times due to loud voice of the speaker when people singing Karaoke.

Some of my friends decided not to have wedding dinner due to financial.

Now have you attended any wedding dinner lately, are they using Karaoke or wedding band?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beauty Carousel

I won this beautiful carousel from Beauty Carousel from twitter contest which I participate, it is sad to see the carousel broken into half when I open the plastic wrapped. The envelope also can see the broken from outside. This carousel is all the way from Singapore.

My son is very sad looking at this broken carousel, he keeps asking me why its broken.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogger network with Newskaki

Do you own a blog? Mind to tell me who is the mentor of your blog? As for me I don't have mentor for my blog. I love blogging that's why I own many blogs. I know my blogs are lack of traffic and I like to share with you that there is a workshop you don't want to miss out, it will be held on 16 June 2012 at Empire Hotel Subang in Grand Ballroom. The workshop is conducted by guest speaker Carrie Lupolli, Founder of Live & Learn (Singapore) and be inspired by The Power of "Interactive" Play. For detail you may check out Http://

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sakae Sushi

Last weekend we head to Sunway Pyramid then I spotted the Sakae Sushi, many children there they have got goodie bag too. Maybe it is a school trip for them, they are happy to take picture with Sakae Sushi's frog.

Have you been to Sakae Sushi? I have only dine there once.

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch f eaturing  from left to right:  Mr  Tan Suang Jak, Channel Director for Modern Trade,  Energizer® Ho...