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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guess how much this t-shirt

Hey everyone it is Monday, it is sunny day here. I have a giveaway now which is surprise gift from me. I purchase the above red t-shirt just now and I love it, so now I am asking you how much I pay for this t-shirt. You can guess many times in separate comments; it is open for follower at my blog who has mailing address in Malaysia where I can mail the surprise gift.
There is XXL size for the t-shirt and it is same price. I found there is other colour such as yellow, blue, grey, white, black and green.

Don't worry if you don't see your comment as all comments under moderation. The first person who guess it correct win the surprise gift!


  1. hye sis!


    hehe..hentam ja..=p

  2. Hi sis ,it's not correct you may try again to guess

  3. Waaa so many contests. So many blogs too. heee~
    hi there~

    Rm 5?


  4. hi there ^_^

    Rm 5?


    Rm 25?


  5. im ur follower here :)

    for this tshirt, i guess.. RM 8 :)

  6. Hi gals stil can guess someone almost got the answer correct keep trying

  7. Good try Gmj you maybe guess right soon keep try

  8. Wow this kind of giveaway also got ah Sherry, so fun to guess haha


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