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Monday, July 9, 2012

Palace of Golden Horses Afternoon Tea Party: Part 1

We reach early before 2pm and I have registered at the booth, they have two ipads which I need use Facebook account to check in Palace of Golden Horses.
Good afternoon, how is everyone today? Here goes my post on the Palace of Golden Horses afternoon tea party, you can see my little hulk guy. :D He is my partner for the day!

We took taxi to Palace of Golden Horses and he has a short nap, he has lot of fun there playing balloon.

I like the decoration of afternoon tea party so beautiful. Above you can see the programme of the day.
Below yummy food waiting for us before the party start.
There goes my hulk showing how delicious the dessert. :D
He is so hungry, he decided to eat the cupcakes that he saws in the bag, good thinking!
I manage grab some yummy cakes for him during the tea party.
He is enjoying his meal, look below picture all plates are empty!
This is my first time to attend afternoon tea party with my hulk, it is incredible plates are empty!
The games started and my hulk and me took part too but it is difficult as you can see how small the paper we need to fold it each time after the dance we need to stand on it.
There goes two groups left to dance, do you know who are the winners?
Above is the Amazing Horse Race teams getting ready.

 I will post up more pics in next post yeah, for now check out My Pink Freebie. :D

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