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Friday, August 3, 2012

Do you swear while driving?

Nowadays I see many cars on the road, what do you do in the car while driving besides listening to music. Sometime when you are in hurry and the car infront of you driving so slow in the middle land what would you do?

The other day I seen a driver coming down the car challenge another driver asking the driver to come down from the car. The car stopped during the red traffic light and when the green lights on he got back into his car to drive off.

I remembered my last visit to India, when one car is going to take over another they would honk another car infront to let them know that they are taking over. I know we don't practice that here nobody likes to be honk early in the morning or any time. But giving a honk will gives the person alert, some drivers feel sleepy while driving they don't even notice so you need to honk them. Once my dad told me lucky the driver honk him, he was indeed feeling sleepy long distance that time.

Anyway I like to listen to radio while driving, I will play the song that doesn't bored me or make me yawn.

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