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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pink Freebie Giveaway ends 18 Aug, 2012

Have you taken part in Pink Freebie Giveaway? The giveaway ends 18 August,2012, you can check here for the participants list.
 This afternoon I will head to One Utama, I have not been there for several years. I first need to go uptown two, I am going by taxi since I don't know the route well. My dear likes to go Ikea but not One Utama because very difficult to find parking.

Tonight I am going to watch Paranorman at GSC One Utama, will be my first time to see movie there. My friend will meet up with me after work. I hope to reach there before 5pm because of jam.

Looks like I need to inform the radio taxi that I go uptown first then to One Utama. What's your plan for today? The advance screening of Paranorman at Midvalley tonight have pass on to my dear colleagues to see since there is no winner. I hope the guys enjoy the movie. I try to win tickets see Expendable 2 but no luck! 

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