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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big hand shirt, he grabbed me!

Good afternoon, it is TGFI how's everyone doing?

I found the mother's and son's shirt at the shopping mall, no doubt I purchase it right away! I wear one size smaller because they are out of XL, the have the size in white colour but I love red colour! It is funny thinking back of this, just look at the picture of me it looks like my son's hand grabbed hold of me! It looks like his right hand grabs my stomach, ouch...

The Guardian Walkathon 2012, gave us wonderful memory. We only spend our time at Surf beach of Sunway Lagoon. We played the water slide together, he played three times and I only played twice! He had fun making sand castle at the beach.

I bought some pyjamas for him, I choose three colours they are green, blue, and brown. He loves Avengers; I told him the colours of the pyjamas make him a hero like Avengers.

The green pyjamas makes him The Hulk, the blue pyjmas makes him The Captain America, and brown pyjmas makes him The Thor. He's pyjamas getting smaller so I purchased the biggest size for him.

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