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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do you snap where you parked the car?

Do you know where this picture taken? If not mistaken I took this picture at basement of Summit Shopping Mall, the other day I bring my son there to watch a movie at GSC Cinema.

Sometimes I forgot where I parked the car so better I take out the phone and take a picture of it. Few days ago my dear and I head to One Utama to watch The Watch, he parked at Level 4 but we are first time parking here so he decided to take a picture of it.

We have not been to eCurve to watch movie, I am sure he will need to take a picture of the parking spot. Do you have good memory of where you parked the car? I have good memory but at night my memory can be blurr, I remembered I parking at the Midvalley at Zone A but I went to Zone C instead. It was at night all shops are closed so I don't see clearly where I go.

I have been to Paradigm Mall during the school holiday and I find the parking signed not so good. It will be better they put the basement one or basement two signed on their parking wall since there's still space available.

What do you think of parking at Paradigm Mall and other mall in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur?

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