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Monday, October 15, 2012

Anniversary giveaway coming up!

Yeah I have been blogging since year 2008, how time fly?! I am hoping to start with Anniversary Giveaway this month since this month is my blog Anniversary. I almost lose this blog domain name because I forgot to renew it. But lucky I checked and in time I can reverse something and payment to back my domain. I lose a blog because one hosting is not honest at all, I paid him the money and he no helped me backup which he promised. My blog domain and hosting was under him.

Some blogs I lose because the free hosting blog company decided to close it. My heartache if I lose my blog, no kidding I lose a few blogs in past. I didn't make much money with blogging. I blog for my passion and interest as you know I have numberous of blogs. You may think that's great having many blogs but my attention to one blog no longer exist as I need care and update for my blogs.

Well if you are excited to see my Anniversary giveaway stick close to my blog. Yeah you need to be GFC follower in order to take part. Blogging over the years, I am so glad my fellow followers are still with me. Thank you so much!

Dear follower, maybe you can hint me what kind of Prize you like to see in the giveaway. I may consider it.

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