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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Education fair in Midvalley

How's everyone today? My brother-in-law's family were here this morning to visit us plus we head to education fair in Midvalley. It is good time for them to explore what my niece going to study for her future. So many college and university to choose from, yeah we are getting many brochures from them. Not only that if you provide them info on the slip, they give you a recycle bag on the spot. Yeah the recycle bag with their college or university name on it.

I saw many people with have happy faces getting the bags and brochures in hand. Parents with their children asking more detail of the courses they are interested. I spend some time in the education fair to explore what is courses are available there. I see there is hair salon course available!

What I love about the education fair not just they provide the education advice and information, I also like the free pen they provided in the bag. :D

I noticed some students came along with their friends to see courses that interest them. It will be great for them to hang out together if they have interest to study the same course. I was told that if you don't have idea on what courses to take, you can start by take up a foundation course then after foundation you can choose the courses which interest you. I am not sure if the foundation helped, how about you?

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  1. Education fair is great for students looking for the right school for them :D


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