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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Movie review: The Hobbit: An unexpected journey

Last night we head to MBO, Subang Parade to watch 2D The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I am happy to use the movie tickets that I won to watch it. The staff is very friendly and help me through finding the suitable seats for three of us. He told me Hall 7 still have seats and I can use the movie tickets to watch it in 2D. The movie starts in minutes after I purchased a ticket for my son.

Hall 7 in MBO Subang Parade, the seating in middle so there is not side seats on the left and the right. I chosen the middle seats and good choice I must say we enjoy the movie. There are animals like wolves, rabbits, rats, birds, eagles, and a dragon.

I will share with you the part where my son used his both hands to cover his hands. It would the part where the Hobbit trapped down below the cave, there is one creature that keeps saying precious! You never forget the face of the creature it is just like in LOTR! The creature loves the ring very much, he loses the ring. The Hobbit grabs the ring that the creatures loses while dragging the Goblin. Now I remembered the name of the creature it is called Gollum!

It is an adventure journey for the Hobbit in this movie and everyone known the dragon still a life in the end of movie. Bear in mind that this movie is 169 minutes, so you know it is more than 2 hours movie. We know there is part two of the Hobbit because the staff opened the exit door!

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