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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia

Tell me what is your most fear? I am sure everyone has got their most fear, some people just don't want to say it because they are afraid? I know my fear, my fear is cockroach. I mean it some cockroaches can fly, no kidding they have wings and they can fly! One time a cockroach fly inside my shirt I feel something was moving inside that that's it a cockroach and I was screaming so badly. While trying to get it out of my shirt my brother was the one standing nearest to me and he cannot stop laughing! Yeah I can still recall his laughter, he laugh even louder when I scream louder the cockroach flies over my head.

Now do you hava anything you fear in your life? Check out Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia.

Above is my favourite artist, she's Elfira Loy, she's young, pretty and energetic!

Fear Factor House - Is your chance to experience Fear Factor Live!

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