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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Movie review: MAMA 2013 *horror movie

Last night I had the chance to watch movie with my dear, thanks to nuffnang! The movie MAMA, is a Horror movie! If you love to watch horror movie, don't go alone this movie is scary and i was told some girls have to close eyes to watch the movie.
It is about two little girls lost in the jungle, before this happened the girls' daddy killed their mother before putting the girls in the car. The daddy driving so fast, Victoria kept telling him to slow down but he shouted on her and the car skiied. Victoria is three year old and Lily only one year old. After the car skiied the dad brought them a old house in the woods. Creepy! Victoria saw someone in the house and told her dad but he wouldn't listen! They are not alone in the old house, her dad wanted to suicide but first he needs to kill her girls.
Victoria wears glasses and daddy took away and tell her look at window outside has a deer, when he tried to pull trigger of the gun the ghost came and killed him! Without the glasses Victoria does not see clearly and cannot find his dad. The ghost is a lady ghost who lost her baby, she take care the girls by providing them berry to eat. After five years only the girls were found in the same house and they are fierce, they walked like dogs with hands and legs on ground.
The girls uncle and girlfriend wants to take care of them and they are given a house free of rent. The girls aunt Jean wants to prove the girls were abused and came in the house one night! The lady ghost loves the girls so much she wants them, I bet you want to know rest of story! Watch it at cinema near you...

A mother's love is forever! No mom would want their children to be taken or harm.


  1. i love horror movie..and enjoy watching with the ladies..but at the end, my friends said she got sore throat cause she shouted too loud in the cinema..haha


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