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Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: The Croods *for the family

Last Sunday we head to GSC One Utama, my son won the movie passes to watch The Croods. It is a nice movie for the family, no kidding we saw parents with children plus grandparents to watch the movie.

The Croods family has to leave their cave because the cave is destroyed by falling rocks, they need to move on to higher ground. Eep does not like cave, she likes adventure and she likes sun! She met Guy who can makes fire, Guy explaines many things to her. Guy travel alone, he has a pet monkey named Belt!

Grug is the father who likes cave very much, and you could they they spend more time in cave than any other place. Things change when Grug and Guy met, he does not like him. I like this movie as Grug and Guy works together during the hard time when they get stucked in the black sticky mud.

This movie is very colorful, kids sure love it. You will be surprise to see whale on the ground instead of inside water.

I am sure you will like to know Grug and his son Thunk got themselves a pet! This movie is filled with adventure.


  1. for sure your kids enjoy watching movies..they must have watched a lot of movies.. :D

  2. Sounds like a nice movie, can't wait to watch it on Astro :D


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