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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bullies in class throwing son's things in dustbin

It is sad to know that there is naughty children in class, they are only seven years old but they already behaviour like they are gangster. Some classmates even asked my son for money, the boy will go around asking classmate for money everyday. He's not only asking from boys but girls too.

Today another mom complains to me that her son's stationery goes missing, he's not alone. Her son's things were thrown inside the dustbin! I found out most parents are busy with their work; they let the children go for daycare or tuition after school.

I don't know how often the parents talk to their children about how's their education and getting along with classmates or not. My son used to tell me he's crying everyday in school because of the bullies. Bullies in class not only boys but girls too.


  1. bad attitudes from 7 seven years old kids..sometimes, working parents didnt give much attention bout their children..what are they doing in school, where they go etc..


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