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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Label Your Kids Items So They Won’t Lose Them at School

Do you have kids that are just starting to go to school and it seems that they are losing their backpack, lunchbox, and miscellaneous clothes at school? If so, then you aren’t alone because there are many families who are consistently buying new clothes and lunchboxes for their kids because other students end up accidentally taking them home with them. Well now your child won’t ever lose their personal belongings again when you use Stuck on You School Labels. You will be able to place your child’s name on all of their items so other students won’t mistake their items as their own.


Instead of buying multiple lunchboxes and backpacks every school year for your child, you need to check out the different types of labels that you can buy so you can place them on your kid’s belongings. It’s easy to buy them on the internet and they are affordable. Plus, they also look cute when they are placed on the personal belongings. It is much more affordable to parents because they no longer need to head to the department store on a weekly basis or calling the school to ask their teacher to keep a lookout for their child’s stuff.

Ordering is Easy

You will be able to go on the internet to order custom labeled products that your child will love. There are bags, hats, lunchboxes, and many other items that you can find on their website to buy for your little one to take to school. You can customize the label to match your kid’s personality and style. Once you add your order to the shopping cart, your order will be shipped quickly so you won’t have to replace another item in your child’s wardrobe. So head to the internet and check out to see what they have to offer!


  1. That's what my sister do to their children stuff!!! =]

  2. not only kids. a teenager also can label their stuff sometimes..haha :D

  3. I am a teenager and i always label my things too cause scare lost it haha :P

  4. yeah still label them though, everyday losing stationery at school


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