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Monday, May 27, 2013

Epic 2013 bored me?

I don't want to tell you this but I must say it, this morning I bring son to watch movie at IOI Mall. We watched the Epic, it is quite interesting story but sad to say it bored me! Yeah I yawn for many times in the movie.

How MK shrink into tiny people?! MK is short name for Mary Katherine, she is 15 year old. She helped the Queen of forest after she died. She also fall in love with one of the tiny people. You will see many bats and birds in the movie, one snail and one slut.

Other than they are many flying in the movie. Tiny soldiers sitting on the birds. Bats are in the movie too. There is a three legs, one eye dog in the movie. Many different types of talking flowers.

The movie is about how she wants to leave her home but she got shrink in the forest while looking for her dog. She wants her scientist dad to give up his work for believing in tiny people world in the forest. She believes there is no such thing but in the end she believes into because she has met them and being one of them.

Today is the day son lost his McD toy's car in cinema hall 6. Anyway his lost will be gain by other.

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  1. Awww too bad it's a boring movie :( I was thinking to buy the DVD and watch it somemore now i think i am gonna check it out if they did premiere it on Astro :)


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