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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Hangover Part 3

It is comedy movie for 18 years old and above. Yes no kidding it is not for children below it. This comedy movie with action thriller about the wolf pack of four men in trouble as one of them is being kidnapped because Marshall wanted his golden bars back. Ken Jeong as Chow in the movie, he's on the run, he escaped from Thailand's jail.

Do you want to know why Alan bought a giraffe, yeah the giraffe created a bad accident on the road. Sad the see the giraffe died, the head flew and got stuck in windscreen of a car. Alan is 42 years old but still act like a small kid, he thinks money can solved every problem. Find out in the movie how he met Cassie.

If you like Melissa Mccarthy, she acted in Identity Thief. If you like Identity Thief check out this movie too because it is hilarious to watch Cassie, her even though it is not long period of time.

I like the part where Dr. Stuart want to vomit because of Chow and Alan!


  1. Nice!!! I've been waiting for this movie to be shown!!! =]

  2. yes very funny when see Dr. Stu want to puke..

  3. I saw part 1 before and it's really funny but how is the second part?? Did you watched it yet and how is it??


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