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Thursday, June 27, 2013

DCM2, yellow minions and purple minions!

Yesterday the day mother and son night out. Yeah he loves to watch Despicable Me 2. I won the 3D Premiere Screening of DCM2, I didn't know it until we are entering the hall with the 3D glasses in hand. He's so happy you can see the above picture, this 3D glasses didn't give him a hard time. We can bring home the glasses after the movie.

How Gru going to save the world? All the cute minions in yellow colour, how they can changed to purple colour? Purple minions are meant and they eat anything! If you have seen Despicable Me you will know that Gru adopted three daughters. Gru supposed to be spy in a mall to find out who is the new super-villain who has stolen a research laboratory that can turn the chemical to killing machines. No kidding just one injection to yellow minions, they instantly changed to purple with crooked teeth and messy hair!

Find out how Gru finally met someone special in this movie, Gru and Lucy they are the perfect match for one another.

I am glad son's enjoy the movie from start to the end. Thank you ChurpChurp.

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  1. having a great day together with your son..

  2. Wow must be fun for the both of you huh?? I watch both Despicable Me movies already and i love it :) And wow seriously?? Can bring the 3D Glasses home some more, that is so awesome :D


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