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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Expired GSC movie voucher still can use?

My bad, only today i realized that i have a pair of GSC movie vouchers. Sadly they have expired on 28 June, 2013! Crap why i left it inside the bag, lesson learn always check the bags!!

Feeling sad not able to use the movie vouchers, reminds me that always check the date of the vouchers in hand.

I have the dining vouchers RM30, yeah those expired too! Expiry on 10 July, 2013.


  1. like seriously? i never get GSC voucher..huhu

  2. Awww i have done that before too, i won movie tickets and left it in my bag and forgot about it but luckily i remember it in the last day and watched it immediately :D

  3. yes terrible feeling after found it.

  4. I know how you feel :( For me movie tickets are a great thing cause watching movies is a really nice thing to do if you are feeling down or stress :D


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