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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hello Kitty charms from 7 Eleven

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Do you like Hello Kitty charms?
I have got a few Hello Kitty charms, you can see the picture above.
I am sure you know 7 Eleven is available in many places of Malaysia, but now they have Hello Kitty attraction in store.
I add on RM3.90 for the ten stickers I collected to purchase a Hello Kitty charm.
You can get a Hello Kitty charm free if you have collected twenty stickers on the card. No kidding some of the 7 Eleven outlet is run out of cards too.
They are total of 20 charms to be collect, I don't have intention to collect them all.
The bracelets of Hello Kitty are sold out in most outlet because they are limited. I don't have either, I was told by the staff that each outlet only have two units of Hello Kitty bracelet.
Each charm on the Hello Kitty at the back of it, indicate year detail of Hello Kitty.


  1. I still havent complete my 20 stickers.. hopefully still can catch up the deadline..

  2. @soulesscloudy, still got time to collect. :D

  3. i already have 19 differ charms only 1 left to complete all 20....

  4. I did saw this but i didn't collect any :(

  5. i always try to collect the stickers..but when i want to redeem, the redemption date already end. :(

  6. I too when i am collecting points/chop/stickers to redeem something i never made it in time :(

  7. Cause the time period is going to end soon when i start collecting :(


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