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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Men's Accessories for 2013

Men’s fashion is notoriously more stable than women’s fashion, but that doesn’t mean that change still isn’t present. Men’s fashion accessories are one area where change is happening in 2013.

1. Socks.
My husband’s dress socks are set up, by his request, in stacks – black, blue, brown. It surprised me this year when he came home with black and blue socks with triangle/diamond patterns on them, but that is just the beginning of one of the more colorful trends in men’s accessories. Men have begun to view socks in much the same way as ties – a way to have fun with vibrant colors and interesting patterns. The wave of novelty socks in 2013 is bright, and includes bright yellow, polka dots, teddy bears, skulls in pastel, and any other color combination, figure and pattern you can imagine. One department store in Texas reported to their local paper that it has seen powerful CEO’s, famous actors and even famous athletes buy some of these new, interesting socks. Try some out for yourself and see if you don’t enjoy the chance to loosen up a little bit.

2. Shoes sans socks.
Another fashion trend for summer 2013 is wearing shoes without socks. While this is a fairly natural trend given the summer heat, it does seem a bit odd when paired with the new-found fashion in brightly colored socks! However, remember that (although some people would disagree) it is never appropriate to go sockless at work in an office environment unless your company has a casual dress code or on casual Fridays.

3. Shoes.
With the exception of an increase in the popularity of stitched designs in dress shoes, men’s dress and work shoes have changed little this year, but athletic shoe makers (and users) seem to have caught the same yearning for color that sock makers have. Vibrant, colorful athletic shoes are popular with men. The retro look of canvas tennis shoes continues to stay popular as well. In fact, retro shoes of all shapes are popular this year. While reminiscent of times gone by, today’s retro shoes also have been updated with sleeker outlines and small dashes of color. In keeping with the retro trends, driving moccasins, with either ties or plain tops, and boat shoes both remain popular.

4. Ties.
Ties this year are staying slim. One new trend in ties for 2013 is a proliferation in shades of green and blue green, including emerald and turquoise. Patterned ties are popular again. Patterns seen in stores include diagonal stripes with bold colors, plaids, some of which are discrete and others of which are bold, checks and various shapes.

5. Briefs/Boxers.
New fabrics and manufacturing processes have created briefs and boxers that are better than ever before. One new trend in the brief/boxer market is the manufacture of mens shapewear, which provides comfortable briefs and boxers with certain areas enhanced with padding, both for the look they provide and for comfort. The padding in the front also provides protection far better than that provided by a jock strap or similar clothing item. This new underwear is so cutting edge that currently it can only be found on the internet.

6. Undershirts.
Undershirts are worn underneath other clothes to catch men’s sweat before it reaches the other layers of his clothing. The biggest fashion trend in men’s undershirt is the increase in shapes and styles, as well as a proliferation of high tech fabrics that help the undershirt to fulfill its basic function. It is never appropriate for your undershirt to show underneath your outer layer of clothing, so be sure that you pick a style of undershirt that will not show if your shirt is unbuttoned. Remember too that a T-shirt is not necessarily an undershirt – some undershirts may be made in T-shirt styles, but a true T-shirt meant to be worn as a regular piece of clothing will be thicker and usually look better.

7. Sunglasses.
Sunglasses are essential in the summertime to protect your eyes from the sunlight, so why not indulge in some of the most popular sunglass shapes for 2013? Popular shapes this year include the aviator sunglass, and mirrored and UV protectant sunglasses have maintained their popularity as well. Many of men’s basic clothing needs can be expensive, such as business suits. While some men’s accessories can be just as expensive, such as high-end sunglasses and men’s dress shoes, others are inexpensive and easy to change. Given the current trend towards bright colors and interesting patterns in men’s accessories, go ahead and have a little fun with them – you’ll find it is worth it.  

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