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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Veet hair removal skin

It is my first time to use the Veet hair removal cream, so far I tried the Veet Easy Grip Ready to use wax strips.

I have got the Veet hair removal cream from the magazine I bought. Yeah it is a freebie with the Magazine. This is 25gms for normal skin type to use. I can't believe I used up one tube of 25gms on my legs. I apply directly to legs with the spatula.

I do feel itchiness on my legs while waiting the cream for 3 minutes. You can choose to leave it on for maximum of 6 minutes. The effectiveness of this cream to work is depends on the thickness of hair!

I can tell you the cream removes the hair nicely but I still feel itchiness after rinse my legs with water. Before I rinse my legs with water, I use baby wipes to wipe away the cream on my legs. Yeah just want to know how much hair they removed. :D

Hmm... didn't get chance to snap picture of it because legs was itchy!

Say have you tried this before?


  1. Ya i have tried this same one too i won it from Cindy Tong's blog last year and it removes hair effectively :D

  2. i never try it before but for sure get a good feedback from my sis since she used it.. :)


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