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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fun Challenge @Kiss Me Event

 I have great fun on last Saturday, my friends and I was at the Kiss Me event. We have challenge of going through five parks to earn sticker for each task. One of my favourite challenge would be Venezuela, find out why.

You are looking at my plain look of the day, early morning at Kiss Me event waiting for my friends. Love my Hello Kitty waterproof bag, it's very handy and useful. I spotted they are selling the black Hello Kitty instead of pink at the shop.

I love the Sunway Lagoon Venezuela ride, yeah you do shout or scream on the ride! It's very fun and wet at the same time. Yes, I willing to wait to go for another ride!
Above is the Goodie bag from Kiss Me event. :D
There's a pink Kiss Me fan and two balloons for my boys.


  1. yes it is a fun event. :D I love the rides.

  2. Love the goodie bag and so fun that you get to try the Venezuela ride, i haven't ride it before :(

  3. you look sweet with the hello kitty bag :D


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