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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy school holiday

Do you have plan for this school holiday? Well I only have schedule son for going school holiday activities. It would be good for him to go the activities with his friends, there will be field trip in December. Sad to say no parent allow to follow for the field trip.

Some friends have gone for vacation, one of them heading to New York City and Orlando. Even though it is school holiday, son still need to revision.

I saw shops started selling the calendar 2014.

I am thinking whether he should use backpack or school trolley bag for Standard Two next year, his class will be at 1st Floor.

Today is busy day for me, I couldn't find parking near school. I need to go around twice lucky there's a car reverse and I get the parking. After getting son, we head to nearby shop to purchase ice cream.


  1. Ice cream? Yummy!!!
    Don't have any picture of it???

  2. hehe.. inside my stomach. No snap picture. :(

  3. Hope your kids have a fun school holiday :D

  4. ice cream...its good if i can eat ice cream right now :(

  5. Speaking of ice cream i'm eating ice cream right now too, so good :D <3

  6. Nestle La Cremeria Chocolate Obsession, mmmm so good :D Oh and i'm eating it again right now while commenting on your posts haha :P


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