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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Water Disruption Notice

Have you got your hands on The Star newspaper today? I saw there's water disruption notice.

Scheduled temporary shutdown for Sungai Selangor Phase 1 water treatment Plant Following Water Treatment Plant Upgrading and Maintenance Work.

It will be starting from 8 am 17 Decemeber, 2013 until 9pm 17 December 2013.

For more detail check out the newspaper today in Metrobiz.


  1. My area no water supply for 2 days thank god now got water already :D

  2. Need save water as worry no water supply tomorrow

  3. Ya everybody should cause we don't know when don't have water

  4. No water supply again here in my area since yesterday :( Luckily we save some water just in case it happens again :D By the way, is there water supply in your area Sherry??

  5. Now got water supply again, and i'm pretty sure tomorrow or the next day no water supply again :(

  6. it is too hot nowadays..what factor that contribute to the water disruption actually?

  7. Luckily my area here got water already :D


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