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Friday, January 4, 2013

Do you sing songs to your kids go poop?

This may sound weird but it is first time I heard that parent sing songs to kids so they can poop. This maybe just in the movie of Parental Guidance but I think it may be true in life. It is funny movie Artie the grandfather even told the youngest grandson that he does not know to sing song for pee.

We do sing songs to them while they are still baby so they can sleep. My youngest son likes to listen to music so he can go to sleep. In day time he would prefer listen songs with performance like Chinese New Year songs.

I have parents that come up with idea of driving their kid in the car so they can fall asleep. Yeah it is tiring and bad habit for the children because they are used to it so you need to drive them in the neighbourhood until the children fall asleep.

I can tell you story telling for my boy to goes to sleep does not work at all. That's for me; it may not be the same for everyone. My eldest boy prefers to sing himself to sleep.

Edit on 6 January Sunday, I just remember that my dear did sang song for eldest boy when he was baby and pooping.

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