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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shopping coloured pencils for kids

I know they are many types of coloured pencils available in the market now. I do not shop for very cheap colored pencils, I saw colored pencils as cheap as RM5 for 24 colored pencils. Who knows what is the contained of colored pencils? I am not sure if they are safe for kids.

My friends told me to purchase twelve coloured pencils only for children to bring to school. They tend to lost their coloured pencils often, it is no joke it happened to my son. His classmates brought coloured pencils to class but never use them.

Anyway I have purchased extra coloured pencils set for replacement the short colored pencils. How about you? My friend bought a set many years ago with thirty six coloured pencils but reluctant to give her son used. It is for safe keeping and collection now.

Who loves New Year giveaway 2013?

Happy New Year and here comes the NEW YEAR giveaway 2013. You can find out on how to take part this giveaway by click on the link above.

The dress is very cute and lovely too bad I cannot fit in at all. I don't want to waste this good dress and hope there is a new owner for this lovely dress. It has inner lace and comfortable to wear, you can choose to hide the slings if you don't want to tie around your neck. I hope the 2013 will bring a new me perhaps a slim mommy!

The giveaway consists of a skin care product, yeah who does not need rejunevate sleep mask?

The Coca -cola pins are too cute to resist!

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