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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer *almost full house

On Saturday night we go for a movie at night, the movie is entertaining from start to the end. Jack is from a poor family and one day he is on the adventure to save the princess. His uncle didn't like Jack as he didn't manage to do things he asked him to do, he supposed to sell the horse and cart but his cart got stollen and he trade the horse for the beans. It is not just any beans it is beans that can grow up to the sky! One of the beans fall under the house and touches water during the heavy rain, same night where princess was in the house.

Giants are huge, the giants are dirty, one of the giants have two heads. The giants like to eat people, you get to see them eat in this movie! One giant digs his nose after that put his finger in his mouth, everyone in the cinema goes eww.... .

I am sure you like to know how Jack able to marry the princess. The princess likes adventure, Jack fear of height and falling.

How Jack uses the one last bean to save the princess and the kingdom? Watch it at cinema to find out!

It is a nice movie indeed, no wonderful it is almost full house in the cinema. We seated almost so near to the big screen. But for movie The Call, yes we did we are seating on first roll facing the big screen, so closed up!

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