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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Strawberry Milk Mask

I have wanted to use mask for long time, yeah few like I haven't use any for at least two weeks.
Above mask is Strawberry Milk Mask the purpose is whitening and smoothing. My skin feels good after using it. It is recommended for dull and tired skin.
How to use the mask?
After cleansing, unfold the mask, remove protective backing and pace it over the face for 20-30 minutes. Sadly I think I get only 15minutes because my toddler crying looking at me. lol
Every mask packaging has the direction of usage, you can refer to that.
On this back of this mask stated if there is discomfort and swelling after use, please stop and consult your dermatologist!
Do not use this product over a would or swelling; people with sensitive skin are recommended to perform patch test for sensitivity; any advert reaction, please stop using.
This product is made in Taiwan.
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Review: Veet hair removal skin

It is my first time to use the Veet hair removal cream, so far I tried the Veet Easy Grip Ready to use wax strips.

I have got the Veet hair removal cream from the magazine I bought. Yeah it is a freebie with the Magazine. This is 25gms for normal skin type to use. I can't believe I used up one tube of 25gms on my legs. I apply directly to legs with the spatula.

I do feel itchiness on my legs while waiting the cream for 3 minutes. You can choose to leave it on for maximum of 6 minutes. The effectiveness of this cream to work is depends on the thickness of hair!

I can tell you the cream removes the hair nicely but I still feel itchiness after rinse my legs with water. Before I rinse my legs with water, I use baby wipes to wipe away the cream on my legs. Yeah just want to know how much hair they removed. :D

Hmm... didn't get chance to snap picture of it because legs was itchy!

Say have you tried this before?

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