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Friday, February 21, 2014

Candy colour, BK Glow in Dark nail polish

Oh what's with my hand? Oh well, just edit to my blog post on Nivea for the In-Shower Conditioner post.

Hand is part of body too, you know...

Oh my colourful candy nail polish? Oh I say it is candy colour because they looks like candy.

I am using the BK Glow in Dark Nail polish

Yeah my son told me he can see my nails glow in dark. 
What's your plan on this Saturday?
I am off to Avene beauty workshop this afternoon. 


  1. I think my baby will be scare looking at mynails glowing in the dark. Lol.

    You havr a great weekend there.

  2. I saw this in the Halloween bag of bag of love and I was thinking where can I buy this glow in the dark nail polish, any idea

  3. Oh Groupon got deals for these glow in the dark polishes too?? That is wonderful to hear, where did you buy yours Sherry :D

  4. Mine from Groupon. In fact my sister in law also bought

  5. Oh, how much you bought it?? I first saw this from the Halloween bag of Bag Of Love :D

  6. such a nice nail polish..but i'm quite curious how can i glow in the dark..hehe lol

  7. @Nicole, its not same as Halloween bag nail polish. This is BK brand.

    @Amirah Nuraisyah, need to put your nails under the light first.

  8. Err the glow in the dark nail polish in the Halloween bag brand is BK right??

  9. I am not sure, as I don't own the Halloween bag.

  10. Oh ok, nevermind la, just want to know where to buy and thanks for saying Groupon has it, i will keep an eye for it :D

  11. Oh and i forgot to ask, how much did you buy this set on Groupon Sherry?? Thanks :D

  12. RM68 for two sets, one set RM38. Anyway saw it sold out now.

  13. Oh ok, sounds like a good deal too bad sold out already :( Anyways how many polish is in a set?? :D


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