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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I won RM200 voucher

I received sms that I won RM200 voucher, I guess it is from the magazine contest I took part. I mailed the form to take part the contest, I didn't aim that prize but others. Anyway I don't think I am going to the office for collection the prize, the office is not near me.

Thinking of the voucher, I am not sure if there's terms and conditions on it. The voucher is to spend at the Bangsar Shopping Mall but I am sure you know that shopping in the mall is not cheap.

Talking of voucher, don't forget there is fashion accessories giveaway at

Soon I have giveaway on this blog, so come by often to find out.

What's your plan for this weekend?

I haven't plan anything for it.


  1. No plan for weekend. I am not feeling well. Must be the warm weather.

    Look forward to your next blog giveaway. ;)

  2. it's sure nice to win something. Congrats !

  3. yes nice to win something but sad to know it's need spend to use

  4. Why?? Is it because all the things in Bangsar Village Mall expensive cause i agree that it is expensive cause most of the shops there are very high end like KLCC and Pavilion :(

  5. Not sure what terms and conditions on voucher, scare will need spend more to use

  6. True i hate it the most when i got a voucher to use but needs to spend at least RM300 only can use :(

  7. voucher that has expiry date.

  8. Yeah expiry date too, sometimes when we win vouchers the expiry date is near already so you need to faster use it which i don't like


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