Sunday, March 16, 2014

nameSherry giveaway

Not long ago, I promise readers that I am going to have another giveaway on this blog. 
So here it is, the namesherry giveaway. 

Let's take a look what the prize awaits for ONE lucky winner.

1. Card holder
2. Red necklace
3. Red bracelet with heart arrow
4. Red apple earrings
5. Slimming and firming gel soap
6. Eyebrow shaping blade 

You can view picture detail check on instagram sherrygo

How to take part this giveaway?
  1. Be GFC Follower of *compulsory*
  2. Blog this giveaway with picture above and link to this post. 10 points
  4. Put giveaway picture to side bar gets. 10 points.
  5. Blog with 100 readers gets 10 points, 300 readers gets 30 points, 1000 readers 100 points. *Comment how many readers on your blog to gain points*
  6. Follower twitter @sherrygo and tweet this giveaway and tag me in twitter, 10 points. You may do this everyday to earn more points. *Comment your tweet link to gain points*
  7. Giveaway ends on 16 March 2014, Sunday midnight Malaysia time. 
Winner will be select using 
The more points you gained, the better chance for your winning. 
Good luck. 

Now my blog having 222 GFC followers.


followers number 224 hehe :D i thought u have 2 blog only, my mum's best and sherryshopping...


oh no. 5 is mean if your blog has 100 GFC followers you gain 10 points from there. 17


oh okay i got it sherry..can i know how many participants have take in this giveaway? for sure i must work hard on twitter after this if it already exceed 5 participants..


i joined here sherry :

i have 594 readers and my twitter @archyhis

hopefully i have luck!.hehe


done checked; @Amirah Nuraisyah

you gained 10 points blog the post with image
50 points for first 5 take part
10 points for side bar image
50 points for over 500 GFC followers on your blog.
total points 120


Joined :)

My link blog :
My username Twitter : @MissKarimah
My total pageviews :10118

My tweet link :




@Kamariah Zulkafali, your blog with GFC points 30, not the pageviews that count yeah. you gained 10 points for blog post, 20 points for tweeting twice. total earn 60 points.


@Mastura Aziz, you gained 10 points for blog post, 70 points for GFC at your blog. total 80 points.


Joined :)


GFC Follower of : 229
Readers : 7 so far..
Twitter :
Tweet link :


I forgot to add the extra points for Kamariah and Mastura for being 2nd and 3rd to post the giveaway. you gained 50 points each.
Kamariah now with 110 points
Mastura with 130 points

Amirah with total 140 points for tweet today.


@Mea Away, with 20 points for side bar and blog post, 50 points for being 3rd to join. Total 70 points as not yet follow me on twitter.
After you follow on twitter please comment then only your tweeted count.


i've already followed u and tweet.
pls double check.

Twitter :
Tweet link :


hai sherry, every day..only one tweeted bout your giveaway will be count?


@Amirah, each day tweet will be 10 points each day. remember to tweet with this blog link and tag me in twitter.



@Amirah, received your tweet 10point today total now 150 points.



oh btw, if my GFC increase before this giveaway end, my point for GFC can be increase or not? :)


@Amirah, yes if you GFC has increase. Do let me know.
thanks for tweet, another 10 points total now 160.

comments total 185


@Amirah, thanks for inform.
now your total points 180.


Twitter: @NurhazimahHanan
Tweet GA:
Followers: 50 only.Huhuhu....
At sidebar: Yes
Blog this GA: Yes

Hope I win.Eyeshadow! Hihi... =D

Is there anything i missed?

I am the 4th? Or what? Hihi..


@Nurhazimah Hanan - 10 points blog post, side bar 10 points, 50 points you no.5, 10 points for tweet. total 80 points.


I,m so sorry.The tweet link I gived just now was wrong because I did'nt tweet with my blog post.This is the real tweet.


@Nurhazimah Hanan, this tweet link does not count because you need tweet my blog post link, not your blog post link.


@Amirah 200 points for tweet today.
your comments 191, however nicole still leading she has 436


haha i'm sorry sherry..i'm a little bit busy..really pack with the classes, assignments and group projects :)


@Syuhada Salleh, you gained 280 for GFC followers, 10 points for posting giveaway on blog. Total 290 points.


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