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Monday, February 17, 2014

Saturday: Eau Thermale Avene beauty workshop

Do you have plan for this Saturday? If not you can check out how you can join the Eau Thermale Avene beauty workshop. The fee is RM20 (includes refreshments, a goodie bag worth RM70, RM20 voucher fully redeemable for Avene products on the same day)

This Saturday the beauty workshop held at Bahamas Level 12, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. 
Time 2pm to 5pm.

The Speakers are Dr. Chu Siew Mun (Dermatologist) and Ms. Anne-Charlotte Jakubczak (PFDC Asia Pacific Training Manager)
You can click above image for more details.

My first time attending the Avene beauty workshop was Nov 2011
I remembered they have a dress code in Pink. 

For details of beauty workshop I attended, you can click above link to view. 


  1. Enjoy the workshop, if you're going..

  2. Long time didnt attend such beauty workshop.

    Btw I received your gift. Thank you. I love it very much.

  3. @Rose, if the venue is near you and price is right, why not.

  4. i got wedding dinner dishes tasting on that day, if not i sure will be going.

  5. @Wendy Pua, oh wedding dinner tasting, happy tasting yeah.

  6. @Celeste DJ Choo, hope to see you other time.

  7. Why is all the fun events they host so far away

  8. i never attend beauty workshop..but i'll try to ahah

  9. hehe... depend on individual interest too. :D

  10. lack of self confidence actually...

  11. I think of the workshop as pampering moment.

  12. Pampering is the best, gotta have them at least once a month ;)

  13. if can do it once a month will be awesome.

  14. Ya it is :D I always pamper myself once a month

  15. Just the usual like facial and exfoliate my body at home :D Me and my mom do it at least once a month hehe


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