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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Haze and no water supply

It's so hot here, the haze is very bad, above photo taken yesterday around 5.45pm.
You can see how thick the haze in the air, this morning my dear show me the API of 190 but my son still need to go school because today is last day of exam. One of his classmates didn't go as he has red and big eyes. 

It is second day now and still no water, we have kept some water and using it. My friend told me her house tangki/water tank is empty but lucky her because she bought 1.8 gallon container for keep water. 

Some moms asked me if today got school, I heard the news too. The school closed only in Klang not schools in Subang Jaya. 
My son's schoo bag have mask in bag, and teacher in class also distribute mask for them to use. 


  1. If the weather continued to be like that, we are all going to fall sick ! Hope there will be rain soon....... it had been dry for almost 2 months !

  2. My place now got water supply already but the water not strong, well better than nothing right :D And yeah the haze is getting terrible :( Hope the weather will be back to normal soon

  3. I think the weather now is getting better, and it's raining every single day here in my area :D


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