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Friday, March 7, 2014

Review: Second Coming Chinese Movie

It's a nice movie to watch if you like to watch ghost movie/horror movie. But somehow I don't quite get it for some screens. The actress Maggie Siu is my favourite, I like her drama when I was younger. There's a drama series which is comedy she acted. I don't recall the name, but there's one gal with name eight sister in the drama series. The Yang family named mentioned in the drama series.

In this movie, she was raped and pregnant with the man who raped her, it happened in a night club or bar that she works as waitress. Her family is poor, she has a husband and a son. She's 4 months pregnant and unable to abortion because doctor told her it would be dangerous for her life.

What happened next?

The house in the movie is very unique, haven't seen such has with so many glass. It looks like almost a transparent house they are living in.

I watched the movie in GSC Midvalley, first time step foot in THX Hall 11. The hall is very cold at night, plus watching this movie, my dear next to me munching popcorn. There's part he try to look away from the screen, yeah you know when you heard the sound or there's no sound at all BEWARE!

I am glad that his movie speaks in Cantonese, I saw some trailer is speaking in Mandarin.


  1. Watching horror movie in the cinema is damn scary.

  2. the sound in cinema is better than home.

  3. Wow this movie sounds like it is really scary :O

  4. my first time to watch horror/ghost Chinese movie in cinema.

  5. I never have the guts to watch horror movie in cinema!

  6. not everyone interest to watch horror movie.

  7. hehe.. my sis do that too when she watched horror movie.

  8. I never watched any horror/ghost movie in cinema before, i only watched them on TV, even on TV it is scary then cinemas screen is bigger more scarier to watch haha

  9. before there's any rating in Malaysia, years back my mom was the one that bring me for movie. we watched horror movie together.

  10. Wow I never know that there's no rating in Malaysia last time!

  11. Wow then you and your mom must be a horror movie lover :D

  12. I don't think she likes horror movie, its just so happen the day only have this movie to show.

  13. I think it's better to have rating on the movies.


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