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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Start 2nd bottle of Nivea In-Shower Conditioner

I love using the Nivea In-Shower Conditioner, I am using it twice a day. So I have finished one bottle and today I start using 2nd bottle of it. My sister nun was back and I gave her a bottle of Nivea body lotion to try. I hope she starts using it everyday.

Have you tried Nivea In-Shower Conditioner?

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  1. I think I'm gonna pick this up next time cause I tried the sample of this and I love it 😄

  2. Yeah once you tried you fall in love

  3. So true and i love the fact that it is really affordable not even RM20 which is a good price to me :D

  4. Wow i didn't notice that i commented so much already :D

  5. i'm using nivea too..and i love it. my sis also used it.. :)

  6. yeah I also let my sister know about this.

  7. Today I go check price, it has gone up to RM15 more.

  8. RM15 or more is the normal price right??

  9. Going to finish my first bottle already, need to repurchase already, hope there is another promo for this :D


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