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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tooth collection box

I don't know about you but I have tooth collection box for my son. It is actually a pil box, which I use paper to wrap my son's tooth and I label the date on when he's losing his tooth.

No kidding just last Saturday morning, he told me that he lose the gum tooth. He wasn't in pain but plenty of blood on his hand and tooth. It was a sharp bottom tooth like Mammee Monster. Son knows that I have collection his falling tooth and quickly asked me to wrap it up and place in box.

Sometimes he would request to show him the tooth collection box so he can see and read about his tooth falling experience.

What else could a mother be collecting beside his baby's dried baby umbilical cord.

This may sound like a weird collection.

What is your favourite collection?


  1. Collecting tooth is great too :D Cause when your kids gets older they can see their teeth from the past and all the memories :P

  2. yeah, he asked me not to throw away.


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