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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sew son's school trolley bag

Besides checking his homework and pencil box, I also check on his bag. The handle of his school trolley bag almost broken, so need to sew it up before broken. Though he's using the bag as trolley bag to pull around but sometimes he used it to carry up the staircase to his class too.

Finding the matching colour thread for his bag will be nice. Sometimes teacher request children to go back home to wash the bags during the school holiday. No kidding some school bags I saw belong to children are very dirty and brownish colour. 

There was time food left over in bag that the room smell so bad, we don't know what was it until we open the bag to find unfinished food left in bag. It was long ago incident but we never forget it. We left the bag in the room and didn't take a look inside at all. It was the day we head for shopping mall, we seldom use that bag so we didn't notice anything until we open to check. 

Nobody likes stinky smell in the air. 


  1. I also hate those smell from rotten food. I also check my kids' bag, clean them up. You wouldnt believe what rubbish and dirt you could find in there! *faint*

  2. yes nobody likes unpleasant smell.

  3. I too sew my school bag with the matching color hehe


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