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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Other Woman is hilariuos

Yesterday a date with my girlfriend, yeah we head to TGV, 1 Utama to watch The Other Woman. 
First I like to ask if you are fan of Cameron Diaz, it's very nice to movie to watch. Another actress in the movie Nicky Minaj, she's like PA to Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz as Carly Whitten, she is lawyer in the movie, she falls in love with a guy they have been dating for eight weeks. When she's about to bring him to meet up with her dad, things happened! Mark is a married man he loves many woman in his life. Mark love affairs' found out by his wife. Leslie Mann as his wife, she's been married to him since she's 24 years old. 

There's a big dog in this movie, it belongs to Leslie Mann. It's hilarious when the dog did something bad in the apartment of Carly Whitten, you gonna love it if you watch this movie. Leslie told Carly that her dog is just a puppy. :D

How are three women going to revenge the Mark? 
The movie is for 18 and above only. 

Thank you Nuffnang for this opportunity to watch the movie. 


  1. Saw the preview in tv, looks like nice movie to watch with girlfriends.

  2. yeah nice to watch, even couple watched this movie too. :D

  3. I went to watch the movie too on that night!! Super funny !


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