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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two alarm clocks for wake up call

I have place two alarm clocks for wake up call on table because I have experienced alarm clock next morning not make any alarm sounds.

Having two will be safe call for all since I am one in charge to wake dear and son. First would be son around 6.15am he need goes his big project first then brush teeth and changed school uniform.

Sometimes he would wake up himself but not all the time. Sometimes he would he half asleep doing project.

Two alarm clocks, one with broken leg but still usable.

How you wake up every morning?


  1. I understand your phobia. I had the same experience not once but twice. Alatm cl8ck wasnt ringing and my girl missed her classes last year. Now i rely on my phone alarm inwtead of the clock.

    Need wake up early tomorrow as replacement class for my girl. Sigh!

  2. yeah, it's scary he almost late for class too!

  3. That happens to me before too, alarm clock never ring at all luckily my mom is up already and she wakes me up before i'm late to school :D


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