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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to mommy around the world, yeah it's Mother's Day today. 
Yesterday I have good fun with butterflies in Butterfly Lasertag Party at  Laser Warzone. This is a good sport to take up too, yeah you'll get a lot of sweat from it. 

I have fun and good laugh new friends and friends at the party. We not able to forget about things happened in the arena when we first visited. I can't believe my what I see, yeah I even used my phone trying to capture the arena but you know it, the darkness and phone's camera not very good in snap.

My face glow in the dark, even my hands. Three friends were inside with me, they didn't say anything about it until I mention it myself. Something I applied which glow in the dark?! The Neutrogena spf 30, it reflecting UV rays in the dark in the arena at Laser Warzone eCurve. 

Can you imagine a skin care product that would make your face glow in the dark? Is it good?

Yeah, my team won, yes we are the Champion. Now we can start singing this song over and over again. This make my day, yeah happy all day long. Though I have some bump and bruised.. 

Clumsy me, I bumped the same arm area twice. Ouch... 


  1. Oh dear! That is an ugly bruise you have there. You have a wonderful day too. Happy Mom's Day to you.

  2. hi Rose, you too enjoy your Sunday and Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Congrats being a champion after all the effort that you had done...

  4. thanks Jane, my first time play laser tag and happy to win :D

  5. Friend, wonder you get bumped on your arm for this laser tag game?
    I played last time didn't get bumped because it shoot by the laser light only?
    It's you too excited bumped someone your enemy there? hahaha :P

  6. hi Shannie, it's the last round game that I have the injury. Yeah excited to zap and hide then zap.. hehe.. oh no bump enemy. I bump into partition.


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