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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Next door house was break-in

This morning sis in law went out for a while and neighbour told her that his house was break in. Sad to say he didn't switch on the alarm system in his house. Another neighbour was complaining that his alarm always went off that's why he scares it will happen again and decided to turn it off.

We are not sure when the break in occurred, the neighbour says that his back door was break in. Some cashes, jewellery and baby stroller were stolen. He didn't know the exact lost yet, he only came home this morning. He was away since last Thursday.

If his back door was wide open the neighbour behind would have seen it. Why the neighbour keep quiet about this matter? Why they didn't bother to ask around to see whose the owner of the house to contact them about the house break in.


  1. Oh dear! This is bad. Got to be careful. When one house in the neighbourhood broken in, usually another house in the same neighbourhood will have the same fate.

  2. Kesian your neighbour. What more, he was away and came back with a shocked ! Hope he can handle this matter positively. Important was, life was not hurt.......if monetary lost, he can earned them back soon.

  3. @Rose yeah we need to beware and careful.

  4. @mNhL yeah he knows and lucky nobody is at home.


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