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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vaseline "Dry Skin Restored" Campaign Launch

Yesterday I attended Vaseline "Dry Skin Restored" Campaign Launch, it held in Delicious, 1 Utama. 

You may already know of Vaseline, do you know that 56% Malaysian women still do not moisture their body regularly, Vaseline survey reveals moisturizing still not taken seriously with 61% citing lack of time for moisturizing despite 90% realizing their regular body moisturizing is important. 

Above is speaker of the day Xandria Ooi. 

 Above Deenie Ong, Assistant Brand Manager of Vaseline.
Causes of skin dryness such as long hours spent in air-conditioned or dry environment encountered during travels are familiar to many Malaysian. In a tropical country like Malaysia, weather conditions coupled with frequent long, hot showers can further skip of its moisture, thus requiring regular body moisturisation for healthy skin. 

You can head to 1 Utama Shopping Centre from now until weekend because the tour of the Dry Skin Restored roadshow held at concourse. They were brought to experience three specially constructed rooms that replicated environment commonly experienced by Malaysians that lead to dry skin.
Prior to entering the room, the journalist took a skin moisture test to enable them to compare the moisture levels before and after entering the rooms. 
The first room replicated Malaysia's hot, humid weather, the second one an air-conditioned room and third one a hot shower- all of which dry the skin.

One of the media bloggers, Miriam experience hand on opportunity to enjoy the lotion. 

I also experience hands on opportunity, first two rooms my temperate 37.59.
Last room my temeprature 78.1. 
Leaving the room my temperature around 34.
After using the lotion, my temperature around 61%. 

Now, I know why my dear told me that his female colleagues have a bottle of lotion on their desk for usage everyday.

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