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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cute yellow baby ducks

I haven't seen yellow ducks for a long time, I spotted these cute yellow baby ducks when I picked up my son. It's great teachers are giving children to see them, I was told that they also have rabbit. 

During your childhood, what pet do you have? I have cats and dogs. 

Do you have pet at home? If yes what type of animal? I used to like to have an iguana as pet but my dear says NO. I think he's afraid of iguana. So instead of life iguana, he gets me a t-shirt with iguana picture on it. 

My dad has two dogs at home. 

I have hamsters pet before from two hamsters, they breed over 60 hamsters. Yeah a big family and lots of cage for them, need to separate the male and female hamster to prevent them from mating.  


  1. No more pets currently. Too busy with kids, no time for pets. Lol.

    used to have dogs. I love looking at those chicks and ducklings because they are cute with their yellow feathers.

  2. hi Rose, yeah if got pets we need spend time for them too. Yeah chicks and duckling are cute when they are small.


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