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Thursday, June 12, 2014

eCurve night to watch Raja Tarik F&N Final

Yesterday is mother and son day's out, yeah even night out. It's fun for us before he starts schooling on Monday, yeah you know it School Holiday is over soon.

For your info, son's wearing the Transformers 4 t-shirt, yeah someone ask me where I purchase the shirt.Click on the link for details. 

The exciting moment we watched 9 finalists yeah just 9 because one of them pull out from the contest.

above are the winners of Cabaran Raja F&N Tarik 2014, for more pics and video do check out instagram sherrygo.
Stay tune for more pics.

By the way if you have read back on my posts on the challengers/participants, remember a team called Hulk?! Well to be exact they are Hawk team secondary school students of three boys. They make it to the finals! 

It's only a quick post here because I'm waiting for taxi to get me to airport for my Krabi vacation. 


  1. Haiiiii..Sherry..
    done follow sini no. 238
    will u follow me back?.. hee..
    he2.. salam kenal.. keep in touch yea..=)

    dan my 2nd blog


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