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Monday, June 30, 2014

Philips and Disney Lighting

 Look at these cute Philips and Disney lighting in Disney characters, now you know that your children can fall in love with these lighting to use in their room. I am sure you know that children scare of darkness. You can click above link for more detail of the event and products.

So many lighting to choose from so check out these cute Philips and Disney lighting, they have Disney characters to choose from.

One of the wall light of Disney Minnie character price at RM73.
These lighting can use as wall lighting, so you know when kids wake up they would prefer to see some light in darkness to go restroom. 

The above torch light of Phlips and Disney Pooh RM69.

 My son and I have fun in the Party Room in 1 Utama, yeah I have three temporary tattoo. I choose dinosaur, elephant and Superman logo. My toddler didn't comes along for this event but he's excited to see my tattoo when he wakes up from his nap in sarong. My son has got two tattoo, a shark and a dinosaur, then he also choose hand painting of 95 cars.

My toddler likes elephant so much that's why I have chosen an elephant tattoo. It's so funny that he finding high and low to see if there's more tattoo on my hands and arms.
I still have my temporary tattoo but not for son as he needs go school today so he had wash them off.


  1. Oh gosh! Not onlt my kids but I also in love with those night lamps!

  2. hi Rose, yeah not just for kids, we are young at heart. :D


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